CITY MULTI VRF Systems: Indoor: Wall-mounted


A Wide Selection for Your Design and Performance Needs
Whatever the size or shape of your room, there’s a Mitsubishi Electric PKFY Series unit that’s just right, delivering the style and performance you demand and deserve. PKFY Series units mount high on the wall and blend beautifully into any space. They’re more compact and weigh less than most competitive units. Plus they’re ultra-quiet with one of the lowest sound ratings. When it comes to comfort, the PKFY Series feature delivers optimal air distribution and uniform temperatures throughout your space. All of this performance and design flexibility come in a unit that is remarkably easy to install and maintain. The template and back plate shipped with each unit make mounting a snap. The front grille opens easily — no tools needed — to remove the filter quickly and either wash or replace it as needed.

Operation is Among the Quietest Available
Airflow passage configuration assures quiet operation. The unit incorporates a random pitch fan to reduce noise. The optimal design of the airflow passage features a smaller fan diameter to allow for a compact installation. Thanks to a highly practical casing configuration, airflow generated by the fan is distributed uniformly. This unique feature also suppresses condensation.

Front Grille Opens for Easy Filter Cleaning
The grille opens out, allowing the filter to be easily removed and cleaned.

Other Great Features

  • QUIET OPERATION: No noise pollution. Ideal for classrooms, hotel rooms, and libraries.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Easier to install, saving time and money.
  • AUTO-VANE: Excellent air distribution eliminates hot and cold spots. (Not available on NBMU units)
  • MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLS: Built-in electronics ensure efficient operation and maximum performance for optimum comfort.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSTICS: Easier to service and maintain.
6,000 Btu/h
6,700 Btu/h
8,000 Btu/h
9,000 Btu/h
12,000 Btu/h
13,500 Btu/h
15,000 Btu/h
17,000 Btu/h
18,000 Btu/h
20,000 Btu/h
24,000 Btu/h
27,000 Btu/h
30,000 Btu/h
34,000 Btu/h


Application: Heat Pump
BTU Cooling: 6,000 - 30,000
BTU Heating: 6,700 - 34,000
Mounting Location: Wall-mounted